6 Vital Checks to Maintain Your Trailer's Condition
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If you have recently bought a boat, you will possibly have also bought a trailer to take it to and from the water. Hopefully, you will have been given good advice about the maintenance of the boat, but many people forget that the trailer will need maintenance too. Below are some suggestions of maintenance that you should carry out on your trailer. If you keep to these suggestions, your boating life should be a happy one.

1. Wheels

Your trailer will be driving into water at least twice every time you take it out, and the wheels will inevitable be taking a dip. Make sure that you grease the wheel hubs after every couple of trips, otherwise they will dry out and cause problems later. Buy a grease gun, and use it on every nipple you see. If you use Marine grease it will be better, as it is designed with salt water in mind.

2. Tyres

It should go without saying, that you need to check on tyre pressures and condition. If you have a blowout, you risk losing your boat, and your car. This is such a simple thing; you would be crazy not to do it. Find the manufacturers recommended tyre pressures and stick to them.

3. Brakes

In the same way you check your car’s brake fluid, get used to checking your trailers. The trailer’s brakes can take a lot of the work load from your car’s system, so make sure they work. Pads, disks, and drums, will also need checking. If you don’t feel you can do this yourself, have a professional look at your brakes for you.

4. Lights

Make sure that your lights are working properly. Have a friend look at your lights while you operate the brakes, with your trailer connected to your vehicle. This is another simple check that many people ignore. If your lights are not working, have them fixed immediately.

5. Wash Your Trailer

Even though your trailer is dipped in water every trip, it will not be clean water. Ensure you wash your trailer off with clean water every time it returns to land. This is especially important if you are driving it into salt water, as the salt will start to corrode anything it can.

6. Welds

If you have welds on the trailer these will need careful attention. Look for any bubbling paint, and tap the welds with a hammer. If you suspect rust, then treat with a rust eating agent immediately and use a high quality paint to cover any bare metal. As soon as possible have the weld looked at by a welder, a professional will be able to tell you if anything further work is needed on the weld.

These tips will help you keep your trailer running for a long time; but remember, if your trailer is steel, you will need to be constantly looking for areas of damage and rust. You should also ensure that you inspect your trailer un-laden, as you will see much more of it. Happy boating, and may your trailer last you year after year.

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