6 Ways Of Protecting Your Child's Teeth
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For your children to have healthy teeth you need to put a number of measures in place:

1. Start early

Early preventive care saves your child’s teeth and at the same time saves you money. Experts recommend that your child should see a dentist by the first birthday. Here the dentist will look at the teeth and correct any problems that might be there.

One of the things that the dentist will look at is how the teeth are growing. The dentist will also take a look at any abnormalities that might be in your baby’s teeth.

2. Teach good habits

In addition to ensuring that your child sees a dentist as early as possible, you should also teach your child good habits. Here you need to teach your son/daughter how to brush the teeth properly.

It’s recommended that any child under the age of seven years should use a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to brush teeth.

If your son/daughter is an infant, you should help him/her with the brushing. Here you should brush twice daily as soon as the teeth appear. You should use an infant toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste while brushing.

3. Give the right diet

Healthy diet is not only important for a healthy body, it’s also important for healthy teeth. Here you should limit the frequency of snaking.

The reason for this is because snacks have a lot of sugars which put your teeth at the risk of decaying and developing cavities. For ideal results you should limit snacks intake to a maximum of two times a day.

4. Control the sippy cup

A sippy cup is a cup that helps children to transition from using a bottle to using a regular cup. Since many kids keep the cup with them the entire day, they are usually at very high risks of developing teeth decay-especially if the beverages are sugary.

To protect your kid, you should control the time that the kid stays with the cup. For ideal results you should take the cup away as soon as the kid is satisfied with the beverage.

5. Use mouth guards

Mouth guards play a vital role of protecting your child’s teeth from injuries. For ideal results you should ensure that your kid wears the guards when he is taking part in any physical sport such as soccer, basketball, and baseball.

6. Limit juice intake

Although, it’s tasty, it’s very dangerous to your kid. This is because it brings about obesity and tooth decay. To ensure that your child is safe, you should ensure that he/she doesn’t take more than four ounces of 100% fruit juice in a day.


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