Dressing Rooms: The Hidden Sales Secret
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For many retail stores, dressing rooms are little more than a quick afterthought. Little do many retailers know that fitting rooms are the key to increasing sales.

Many popular retail stores are often competing for space. More floor space usually translates to more selling space to showcase items. Giving up some retail space for dressing rooms does seem counterintuitive, but it changes the experience for the customers. Changing rooms are absolutely vital for customers to have a great experience.

There is a simple test to see how effective fitting rooms are in stores; are they being frequently used? If fitting rooms aren’t being used, it isn’t necessarily because the clothing items are liked by the customers, rather, the changing rooms are the problem.

Some retailers think that fitting rooms can be an empty section of the store with a curtain drawn around it. While changing rooms don’t have to be elaborate or complicated, there are a few simple things that can be done to create quality dressing rooms.

A few small changes can greatly enhance the fitting room experience for the customer. Making sure that dressing rooms are clean and free of excess clothes provides a better environment for the customer.

Modular dressing rooms have been growing in popularity, and for good reason. Modular changing rooms are installed incredibly quickly and don’t have the same level of dust and mess that comes with traditional construction. There is no need to shut down the store for a week while construction is underway. Most changing rooms can be completed in hours, not days or weeks.

How does this process work? Modular building manufactures all the major pieces like walls and doors of the dressing room off-site in a factory. Once completed, the components are shipped via flatbed truck to the store where they are quickly and easily assembled.

Modular fitting rooms are highly customizable with a wide variety of different styles and colors. Having high quality modular changing rooms will encourage customers to try on clothes in a safe and comfortable environment. Multiple retail studies have shown than customers who try on clothes are significantly more likely to purchase than those customers who simply browse the store.

In conclusion, dressing rooms are a very important part of the retail process and are great for increasing sales. Do some research and find a modular changing room solution that is a good fit for your store.


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