How to Care for Luxury Bed Linen
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You take the time and you do extensive research to find the best luxury bed linen to give you a luxurious, advanced and elegant bedroom and a great night’s sleep. Your items arrive and you immediately throw them on the bed (mistake number one), but when it comes time to change them, you have no idea how to make sure they stay at the same high quality without causing any damage.

The first thing you have to do when your new luxury bed linen arrives on your doorstep is to read the manufacturers instruction labels. The labels on all textile products for a reason, they are not just there for show. Ensure you read them because they will give you all the information you need on caring for your new bedding without causing unwelcome damage.

What you will want to note, and a rather disappointing fact, is that you should always wash your new bedding before use. While you’re dying to throw your new duvet cover set on the bed and see how it looks, control yourself until you’ve had it washed and it’s dry before placing it on the bed for the first time.

It is always advisable to wash this type of product in a cool or lukewarm wash on a gentle cycle. Don’t be misled, if you’re chosen Egyptian cotton, you’ll find it is exceptionally durable, but you want it to last as long as possible. Avoid using boiling washes on these products, because it will eventually wear down the fibres, causing tear and worn edges and end up in the bin.

Don’t use bleach. This is so important and is a difficult task to do when you’ve purchased white linens. Bleach will cause damage to your beautiful luxury bed linen, even when trying to get it back to its original white. There are a number of products available on the market that you can use instead, such as oxygenated powders that can help remove unwelcome stains and marks without damaging the fabric.

Try and dry your new linens outside when possible and only turn to your tumble dryer on wet and cold days. Tumble dryers can put excessive strain on any materials, it can also cause certain materials to shrink, while your bedding has little chance of shrinking, it’s advisable to try to subject it to the warm breeze of outdoors than the stuffy heat of the tumble dryer. You will also find that luxury bed linen dried naturally outdoors smells fresher.

If you do have to tumble dry, make sure you don’t over dry. Over drying can lead to unwelcome wrinkles which is almost impossible to iron. The manufacturer’s instructions will recommend you on whether the item you purchased is tumble dried. If you do over dry by accident, place a damp cloth the same colour in the drier with your linen and put on quick cycle.

Fold any linens immediately as they come out of the dryer. As soon as you have the time, iron the product and fold it neatly in preparation for when it goes on the bed. You don’t have to iron, but ironed linens always look clean and crisp.

You need to rotate your luxury bed linen. Ideally pillow cases is changed twice a week, with duvet covers and sheets being changed once a week. This will help keep the bed clean and fresh, while prolonging the life of your luxury bed linen.

When ordering, but two extra sets. You should have three sets of linen. This ensures you have a clean set ready to go on the bed, one set on the bed and one in the laundry ready.

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