Setting Options for Diamond Jewelry
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Choosing a ring for a special someone is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack; this is only an exaggeration if you’re sure of your recipient’s preferences at the outset. As is often the case, jewelry is bought as a surprise, and you can only guesstimate the piece your fiancée will fancy.

It’s easier if you don’t consider money an issue with the purchase, since you can choose the best diamond in terms of the 4Cs of appraisals; the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the stone. Besides, you’ll save money by purchasing loose stones for the piece, and then having these mounted by a jeweler, on a metal or alloy of your preference.

1. Showcasing Brilliance in the Setting

The quality of the stone is a problem easily solved, but you also have the metal mount to consider. The brilliance of a diamond is showcased (or downplayed) by the kind of setting used for the piece. You’ve probably noticed some jewelry pieces are more prominent than others, even though these involve stones of the same craftsmanship and quality. The setting plays an important role in the appeal of jewelry, and there’s a wide variety to choose from that it’s easy to get frustrated with the options.

2. Flushed Setting

Subtle settings are gaining popularity nowadays, especially in pieces mounted with multiple stones. The flush setting is the best option if you want to downplay the quality of your diamonds, and there’s more than one good reason to do so. The metal is prominent in most masculine designs, and the flush mount highlights the stone and the metal with equal importance. In a flush setting, the stone is sunk deep into the mounting until only the table (surface) of stone is visible.

3. Prong Setting

The exact opposite of a flush mount is a prong setting, often used for solitaire diamonds. The brilliance of a diamond is found in its many facets, and exposing as much surface area is necessary to ensure its brilliance is placed in full display. Prong settings use thin wires to cup the stone into place, but the difficulty is in ensuring the setting stays stable with as few wires to hold the stone as possible.

There are different variations between these two settings, and you have to choose one which complements the personality of your recipient, a relative or a special someone. Finding the right diamond ring involves a lot of hard work, but your investment should be worth the effort if you end up with a stunning piece that’ll also last through the years.

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