Shopping Baskets for Shop Owners
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If you are looking to increase your store’s profit margin, the most obvious way to do this, is to sell more of your store’s products. The best way to do this is to encourage your shoppers to buy more of your products, whilst they are in your store. Statistics show that more shoppers are making smaller, but more regular purchases due to their busy lifestyles and the more convenient locations of shops.

People no longer feel the need to plan ahead regarding what the family will want to eat for the rest of the week and do a single large, ‘weekly shop’ This means, that instead of reaching for the large shopping trolley as they walk into the store, they prefer to reach for the smaller, lightweight shopping basket.

Larger supermarkets have realised this and have introduced into their stores, more convenient shopping baskets, placing them around the store to target the shoppers who find themselves buying more than first expected and not being able to carry everything with just their hands.

Studies show that shops which do not offer complimentary carrying devices such as Grocery Baskets suffer lower sales in comparison with retailers who do supply them.

The modern, plastic shopping baskets are light, durable and easy to use. There are many plusses of the plastic baskets over the old metal baskets. For example, metal shopping baskets are likely to become bent and damage displays if accidentally knocked against something. Plastic shopping baskets are strong and sturdy, and they are lighter than metal ones so there is less likelihood of them causing any damage.

The handles of the metal shopping baskets can also dig into the customer if the basket becomes too heavy, which discourages the customer from purchasing heavier groceries and they may put them back, or head straight to the checkout without purchasing anything else from your store. These days, the modern plastic shopping baskets have two thicker, more comfortable handles to increase durability and comfort for your customers.

There are many varieties of baskets to choose from that will be suitable for your store such as the choice of Blue, Red, Green or Black shopping baskets. Baskets with or without wheels and the standard size or a larger size. Actually, the baskets with wheels are becoming more popular in stores such as Big W and K-Mart because of the types of items available for sale in these stores.

Some retailers have their logo printed on the sides of the baskets to provide another way to get their branding noticed – and of course, help to facilitate the return of a lost basket.

Another option is to purchase the baskets in a kit form, where normally about 20 baskets are supplied with a stand and a sign that says “Shopping Baskets for your Convenience”.

If you’re looking for shopping baskets or even basket trolleys for your store, consider the size and colour of the best ones for your store.


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