What You Didn't Know About Binoculars
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1. The Origin of the Spotting Scope

An actual working telescope has been known and proven to exist since as early as 1608. There have been many claims as to who invented the telescope (then known as a spotting scope), but it’s Hans Lippershey of Holland who is often accredited as to being the only inventor – but he is not. Lippershey is known for being the first to make this “new device” widely known. He’s not the first to develop or use this amazing device, he was just the first to put a patent on it… or is he?

It was shortly after around the same time when binoculars came into use. It was requested that Lippershey make a telescopic instrument that can be used with both eyes. After completion, Lippershey applied for the patent for this as well, but was surprisingly denied. The reasoning behind the rejection was best explained because the spotting scope was known by other inventing parties.

2. Other Inventors

Jacob Metius, a Dutch instrument maker and a well-known lens expert but was also a specialist when it came to grinding glass into lenses. He also is accredited as to being the inventor of the monocular and quite possibly the first to come up with the concept of night vision.

However, not much is known about him with the exception of his patent application he filled out in 1608. Jacob Metius was very secretive, with not only his inventions but with his life as well. Before his death, Jacob Metius made sure that all his unknown inventions along with his written work were destroyed. He did this so that nobody could every claim them.

Zacharias Janssen is the third person who is claimed to have been the sole inventor by researchers and experts. A Dutch spectacle-maker who is also associated with the invention of the first optical telescope. He is also credited for the invention of the compound microscope, but most binoculars review state that this is also up for debate.

Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen were oddly neighbors, actually living right next door to one another. With the two of them along with Jacob Metius, all three of them have credit to the invention of the telescope. Does it appear that one of them may have stolen the idea from another? But who stole from who? We’ll never know for sure.

It wasn’t until 1873 when German optical designer, Ernst Abbe introduced a prism telescope at the Vienna Trade Fair. His close ties with Otto Schott, a well-known and respected glassmaker, and with Carl Zeiss a recognized professional instrument maker, formed together one of the finest innovations when it came to the development of binoculars. The very first pair were sold in 1894. These same pair still give a very sharp view and are still considered the most attractive ever made according to most experts in a binoculars review.

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