Which Celeb Should You Turn to for Choosing Sunglasses
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Looking for a pair of men’s sunglasses this summer? A session on films is what you need then! Seems confusing?

For decades, actors and celebrities have sported eye-catching styles of sunglasses, which with time have attained an iconic status. With the latest range of vintage style sunglasses for men, it’s easier to look like your screen hero, or even better!

Even with so many new trends and styles marking their presence, these classic sunglasses for men have stood the test of time and have retained their charm.

1. The Love for Classics

Here are a few super-cool men’s shades which have adorned the faces of some famous men and are back in the fashion circles with élan.

2. Awesome with Aviators

One can’t go wrong with a pair of classy Aviators for men, now available in a range of trendy colours and lenses. First worn by American pilots, these chic shades have been sported by stylish and dapper men for decades.

A stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses is a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashion-loving man. Apart from the classic Ray-Bans, youthful and affordable brands like John Jacobs and Vincent Chase also have brought out chic looking Aviators.

3. Way to Go With Wayfarers

The ultra-cool and easy style associated with Wayfarers has kept them in the must-have list of the fashion conscious men for several decades. Cited as the best-selling sunglasses design in the history, Wayfarers were brought to limelight by Tom Cruise in his film ‘Risky Business’.

They are back with a bang now in a host of colours, styles and trendy details. Starting with Ray-Ban, Wayfarers for men are available from a host of brands like like Oakley, Lee Cooper, Fastrack and many more.

4. Cool with Clubmaster

Tim Roth sported a pair of chic Clubmaster sunglasses in the iconic film ‘Reservoir Dogs’. These browline shades for men, which were the third most popular sunglasses in the 80’s, have made a re-appearance on the fashion scene.

Pair these half-rim, retro sunglasses with your slick formals or rugged jeans, and be the master of your club! Ray-Ban remains the most-loved brand for Clubmaster shades.

5. Raring With Rounds

Made popular by the iconic musician John Lennon of Beatles, round sunglasses for men are back in trend. The round shades for men, spotted recently on Robert Downey Jr., are the hottest trend this summer. Offered by designer and affordable brands, round sunglasses are for the cool and confident.

Sunglasses have been used by various celebrities over the years to give their style a definitive edge. And like everything classic, the shades worn by debonair men and made iconic years ago, are back in fashion.


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