White Table Lamps And Other Types of Small Lighting Solutions
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Proper lighting is very important when people are carrying out a wide range of tasks, so it is important that everyone has access to the appropriate lighting. Desk lamps and table lamps can be used to provide fantastic small scale lighting solutions for home owners.

However, if you are searching for a lighting solution, you may be confused by the large array of desk lamps and table lamps which are on offer. As a lighting expert, I will attempt to guide you through the pros and cons of some of the different styles of lamps which are on offer.

1. Simple White Table Lamps

White table lamps are a simple yet effective lighting solution. They are great because they can be used in almost any context. Because of their neutral colour, they will fit into a room with almost any decorated theme. They are especially good if you are aiming to create a minimalist look in a room. These lights can be used on their own or in a set to provide mood lighting in a room.

2. Natural Wood Table Lamps

Wood table lamps are a great alternative to plastic or metallic lamps. They are good for rooms which have very natural decor. The wood used in these lamps may be available in many different states: varnished, unvarnished or painted in a whole range of different colours.

3. Reading Lamps

Reading lamps are designed to offer extra light to people in a room who are trying to read or who are doing a project which requires higher visibility, such as needle work or work with very small objects. They come in a variety of different styles, but they always offer the best light for the purpose.

Reading lamp bulbs can be halogen (which are brighter, but also hotter), fluorescent (which are bright, but some people find the light to be too “cold”), or LED’s (which are environmentally friendly, cooler and more economical, but not as bright as some other types of light). Different styles of reading lamp are preferred by different people, so if you do a lot of reading, you may like to try out a few different styles of reading lamp, to see which one you prefer.

4. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are like reading lamps, but they are designed for use by people who must spend all day working at a desk and need extra illumination. One of the most common features of desk lamps is that they are hinged a few times, so that the user can adjust the piece to shed its light in the most appropriate places.

5. Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside table lamps are very useful for providing people with a small scale lighting solution for next to their beds. These lamps are usually designed to offer softer, relaxing light, so that people can use them whilst they are relaxing in bed. It is important that they are easy to switch on and off, because people may need to use them in the dark.


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