Why The Need For A Baby Sling When Caring For Your Baby
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Whenever there is a new baby born, you can expect a whirlwind of emotions that will come with it. The family members, especially the mothers whether this is their first time or not can attest to this. The sensation could be intense they would barely notice the things that are happening around them.

They fall in love even just by watching the baby sleeping. They get captivated over every detail of the baby. How he draws breath, how his chest falls when he exhales, how his lips move, how his reflexes respond to their touch, and everything about the baby encapsulates the mother.

As much as the mother would love to stay with her baby all the time, there are a lot of things that she needs to accomplish. There is her household that she needs to take care of and other things. Carrying her baby all the time would be next to impossible to accomplish tasks.

Using the car seat in carrying your baby around in going for a short trip to the grocery store or running errands would help however it would be awkward and difficult. For this reason, mothers opt for a baby sling for comfort and convenience. Also, they get to enjoy the health benefits it provides.

Listed below are some of the benefits the baby sling provides to both the baby and the mother.

1. Gives emotional cues. When the baby is close to the mother’s body using a baby sling, the mother can immediately attend to the baby’s needs such as food. When the baby gets hungry, the mother can automatically breastfeed the baby or when the baby needs a diaper change, then it can be attended instantly.

2. Gives more learning. The position of the baby being close to his mother can give him comfort and security so the baby is given the opportunity to learn the environment. He can study and communicate better. It would be easy for the baby to learn the different facial expressions and languages.

3. Gives relaxation and happiness. With the baby close to his mother, he can tune in better to his mother’s movements, heartbeats, and breathing rhythm causing him less stress. They will in the process provide increased relaxation and happiness.

4. Enhances the baby’s balance, motor skills, and inner ear development. With the mother close to the baby, the baby is exposed to different sounds, sights, and movements which can enhance the baby’s balance, motor skills, and inner ear development.

5. Gives the mother health benefits. Compared to just carrying the baby around the arms, using the sling can evenly distribute the weight of the baby across her upper body. Also, it gives her stronger maternal bond which can prevent any postpartum depressions or psychosomatic illnesses.


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